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Awards Programs

The Regional Water Authority (RWA) presents two awards each year. The awards are presented at the RWA annual holiday social in December. Distinctive perpetual trophies are displayed in the RWA office and are inscribed with the recipient’s names. Each honoree receives an individual trophy as well.

Water Statesperson of the Year
The Water Statesperson of the Year award recipient is selected for outstanding achievements in building alliances in the RWA service area. The awardee(s) can be from any profession or employment, and need not be an RWA member/participant. This award is intended to recognize specific “timely achievements” during the award year. This award was established in 2001.

Distinguished Service Award
The Distinguished Service Award is awarded for services and/or leadership rendered to the region’s water community over a period of years. The award recipient(s) can be from any profession or employment, and not necessarily but preferably, from an RWA member agency. This award was established in 2002.

Regional Water Management Award

The Regional Water Management Award is awarded to one or more organizations or agencies that implement a program or project which creatively addresses a water management need. The organizations’ or agencies’ program or project must benefit the region and do one or more of the following:

  • Improve water supply reliability or the management of water resources
  • Improve water use efficiency or sustainability
  • Reduce costs and/or improve operational efficiency
  • Improve water utility services to ratepayers or customers
  • Improve the environment
  • Improve water quality

Eligible projects or programs must demonstrate a commitment to excellence, and show creativity in addressing a water resource or management issue on a regional scale. It is the intent of this award to be awarded for exceptionally special programs or projects, and will likely not be awarded every year. This award was established in 2019.