Representing Regional Needs on Legislative and Regulatory Policies

In 2013, the Regional Water Authority Board of Directors approved a five-year strategic plan. A key component of the plan was advocacy. The Board’s goal: Ensure that regional needs and concerns are positively represented on legislative and regulatory policies and actions. To achieve this goal, RWA launched the Advocacy Program and dedicated resources to a contract lobbyist and staffing for the program.

Since 2015, RWA members have worked together to develop the program by creating a structure, identifying priorities, setting goals and engaging members in a vision. In 2016, RWA launched the program on a subscription basis. In 2019, the Advocacy Program embarked as a permanent program offered to members. The transition was testament to the program’s accomplishments and results.

2019 Legislative Session

RWA is engaged on numerous bills in the 2019 legislative session.  A current list of bills with a formal position can be found through the link below.  Additionally, please see the position letter that RWA has sent on each of these bills.  Please check back on this list regularly throughout the year as the legislative session can bring twist and turns that will change where RWA stands.

Current List of Bills

Safe Drinking Water and a Water Tax

Read the 2018 Advocacy Program Highlights

Read RWA’s policy principles on public good charges (adopted by the RWA Board on November 12, 2015)

Read RWA’s  priority issues and policy principles (approved by the RWA Board on September 10, 2015)

For information about RWA’s Advocacy Program, contact Ryan Ojakian, Legislative and Regulatory Affairs Manager.

Legislative and Regulatory News