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The Regional Water Authority has developed an Integrated Regional Water Management Plan (IRWMP) and associated tools to identify the regional projects and partnerships that will help the region best meet its future water resources needs.

What is an Integrated Regional Water Management Plan?

According to the California Department of Water Resources, an Integrated Regional Water Management Plan (IRMWP) is a comprehensive planning document to encourage development of voluntary regional strategies for management of water resources.  An IRWMP investigates a broad spectrum of water resource management strategies, identifies the benefits of integrating water management strategies, and develops priorities for implementing projects and programs.

How Can I Participate?

Although an initial IRWMP was completed in June 2006, it is always considered a living document. A comprehensive update to the IRWMP was adopted in July 2013. RWA holds semi-annual stakeholder meetings in April and October. To be added to the notification list for future forums, contact Trevor Joseph.

Do You Have a Project in Mind?

Stakeholders that have water management project plans with multiple benefits are encouraged to let us know about them. Since the IRWMP is a living document, project descriptions are welcome anytime for consideration of being added to the IRWMP. To be eligible, projects must have a direct relationship to water management. Visit the American River Basin Integrated Water Management Web Interface to input information on your project. For questions contact Trevor Joseph.

Join the IRWMP Community!

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