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RWA programs are primarily subscription-based and are developed to benefit and meet the needs of member agencies.

Advocacy Program

The Advocacy Program works to positively influence legislative and regulatory policies and actions that may impact the region and its water supply reliability.

Water Efficiency Program

RWA’s Water Efficiency Program (WEP) was created to help water providers in the greater Sacramento region work together to help their customers use water efficiently and to meet best management practices (BMPs) for urban water conservation. The program was established with the idea that water providers could maximize resources and customer services through collaboration.

Be Water Smart is an award-winning public outreach- and school education-focused program sponsored by RWA’s Water Efficiency Program. The program’s website,, is a comprehensive regional resource for information about using water wisely.

Integrated Regional Water Management Plan

Regional Water Authority has developed an Integrated Regional Water Management Plan (IRWMP) and associated tools to identify the regional projects and partnerships that will help the region best meet its future water resources needs.

Conjunctive Use Program

The RWA American River Basin Regional Conjunctive Use Program (ARBCUP) is a $43 million project to build and upgrade water facilities throughout the region to better manage surface and groundwater resources. The project’s 12 program components include new pipelines, pumps, and other facilities to store, treat and convey water throughout the region.


Through the pooled resources of member agencies, RWA is able to provide affordable training classes on a variety of important subjects.