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Water Efficiency Program


RWA’s Water Efficiency Program (WEP) was created to help water providers in the greater Sacramento region work together to help their customers use water efficiently and to meet best management practices (BMPs) for urban water conservation. These BMPs are essential elements of the Water Forum Agreement and the Central Valley Project Improvement Act.

Partnerships with water, wastewater, energy, storm water pollution control and other resource management entities are key features of the WEP. Through partnership arrangements, the WEP brings a cost effective approach through economies of scale. In addition, this RWA program has already proven highly effective in attracting grant funding to the region.

Developed through the cooperative efforts of the Regional Water Efficiency Program Advisory Committee, the WEP’s water efficiency measures are offered as attractive services to the water suppliers and to their customers.

Program Activities and Accomplishments

Be Water Smart is an award-winning public outreach- and school education-focused program sponsored by RWA’s Water Efficiency Program. The program’s website,, is a comprehensive regional resource for information about using water wisely.

In addition, RWA and local water suppliers provide a growing array of customer services and rebates to improve water efficiency. By improving water efficiency we all save energy, reduce air and water pollution, reduce the use of costly toxic chemicals and stretch our water supply.

Read the Regional Water Efficiency Program 2021 Year in Review.

Visit to learn about the water efficiency services available to homeowners, businesses and water utilities.

Conservation Contacts

View contact information for RWA Water Efficiency staff as well as conservation coordinators for each RWA participating agency. These people can help you enroll in water efficiency programs in their service areas.

Resources for Water Efficiency Program Participants

Looking for insights to conservation programs and technical information? Here find an assortment of RWA gems and a list of other sources.

Water Efficiency Program Meetings

Monthly Regional Water Efficiency Program Advisory Committee meetings are open to water agencies, stakeholders to the Water Forum Agreement, vendors, researchers, government agencies and the public.

Water Efficiency News