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Policies and Procedures

100.1 RWA JPA Agreement
100.2 Administrative and Management Services Agreement
100.3 RWA Associate members
100.4 Awards
100.5 Policy on External Issues
100.6 RWA Affiliates
200.1 Rules for Proceedings
200.2 Authority Delegated to the Executive Committee
200.3 Election Procedures
200.4 Conflict of Interest
200.5 Ethics Policy
300.1 Authority Delegated to the Executive Director
300.2 Professional Services Policy
300.3 Surplus Property Disposal
300.4 Records Retention Policy
300.5 Email Policy
400.1 Personnel Rules
400.1 Appendix C – Harassment, Discrimination, and Retaliation Prevention
400.1 Appendix D – Drug Free Workplace
400.1 Appendix E – Workplace Violence Prevention
400.1 Appendix G – Health Reimbursement
400.1 Appendix H – Family Leave CareĀ 
400.1 Appendix I – Injury and Illness Prevention Program
400.1 Appendix J – Whistleblower Policy
400.2 Compensation Policy
400.2 Comp Policy Exhibit A
Link to State Controller’s Government Compensation in California
400.3 Job Descriptions
400.4 Executive Director Performance Evaluation Procedure
400.5 Job Descriptions
Manager Of Technical Services
Manager Of Strategic Affairs
Manager Of Government Relations
Finance And Administrative Services Manager
Principal Project Manager (Government Relations)
Principal Project Manager (Water Management)
Senior Project Manager (Government Relations)
Senior Project Manager (Water Efficiency)
Associate Project Manager (Government Relations)
Associate Project Manager (Water Efficiency)
Executive Assistant
Project Research Assistant
400.6 COVID 19 Vaccination Policy
500.1 Financial Designation/Reserve Policy
500.2 Investment Policy
500.3 Subscription Program Surcharge Fees for Non RWA Members
500.4 Auditor Rotation Policy
500.5 Collection and Use of Sponsor Contributions
500.6 Check Signing Policy
500.7 Journal Entry Approval Policy
500.8 Purchasing Card Policy
500.9 Fixed Asset Policy
500.10 Annual OPEB Funding Policy
500.11 Budget Policy
500.12 Audit Report Filing Policy
500.13 Business Expense Reimbursement Policy
500.14 Grant Funding Policy
500.15 Defined Benefit Pension Plan Funding Policy
500.16 Allocating Liabilities to Withdrawing Members
500.17 Telecommunication Policy
500.18 Discounts For New Members
500.19 WEP Reserve Policy