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2017 Advocacy Program Report Highlights Accomplishments and Hot Topics for 2018

By January 24, 2018January 29th, 2018Advocacy, News, News & Info, Publications

2017 was a significant year for the Regional Water Authority’s Advocacy Program that represented the culmination of a five-year process initiated by the RWA Board of Directors in 2013. A key component of the Board’s “Strategic Plan 2018+” was a new emphasis on advocacy, with the goal of ensuring that regional needs and concerns would be positively represented on legislative and regulatory policies and actions. This year’s accomplishments are a direct result of the Board’s forward thinking and leadership. This year, the Advocacy Program allowed RWA’s members to speak with a united voice in pursuit of our region’s common goals.

Continue reading the full report to learn more about:

  • RWA’s 2017 advocacy priorities
  • RWA “hot list” bills enrolled by the Legislature in 2017
  • RWA’s position on “hot list” bills that became two-year bills and will be acted upon on 2018
  • Outreach to local and state legislative influencers
  • Advocacy through media and social media
  • Looking ahead to 2018