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Another View: Legislation provides a choice between two water futures

By May 19, 2017News, News & Info

By: Einar Maisch/Guest Columnist

Last week, the Assembly Water, Parks, and Wildlife Committee in Sacramento held a hearing on several bills that represented two different visions for future water use in California. One vision, embodied in AB 968 (Rubio) and supported by Placer County Water Agency, would establish new long-term water use efficiency targets for water agencies and their customers, taking into account local conditions, established water rights, and past investments. The other vision, proposed by the Brown Administration and reflected in accompanying legislation, would transfer unchecked authority to the unelected State Water Resources Control Board to set permanent conservation standards, and ratchet them down over time, regardless of local conditions. It is the typical “one-size fits all” approach we are accustomed to from Sacramento. To read more…