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RWA Joins 112 Organizations in Letter on Water Conservation Legislation

The Regional Water Authority (RWA) joined more than 100 water suppliers, associations and business groups in sending a letter today to the Senate Natural Resources and Water Committee, urging them to consider 10 key policy principles during upcoming negotiations on new legislation to make Water Conservation a California Way of Life.

In the letter, the coalition called for preserving local authority over water resource decisions—where experience, expertise and customer relationships are maintained—and maintaining the Legislature’s authority to set and adjust water conservation targets.

“Only the Legislature can balance California’s many competing policy goals and priorities and represent all Californians in determining how water should be used within our urban communities,” the letter states. “State agencies should not be granted the unfettered authority to set and revise water use targets.”

Other principles outlined in the letter include the need to protect water rights, preserve flexibility in setting water conservation targets and protect local investments in drought resilience and preparedness.

The letter comes in response to a July 11 request by Sen. Robert Hertzberg (D-Van Nuys), chair of the Senate Natural Resources and Water Committee, for stakeholders to submit their perspectives on issues related to urban water management planning, long-term targets and other areas. This input is intended to inform negotiations on water conservation legislation by a group of Assembly and Senate members, stakeholders and Brown Administration representatives over the Legislature’s summer recess.

The full text of the letter is available here.