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Sacramento Region Continues to Use Less Water in October

By November 22, 2016February 6th, 2017News, News & Info, Water Efficiency News

Rain, Long-Term Behavior Shifts Contribute to 30 Percent Savings

SACRAMENTO— Sacramento-area residents continued to conserve water in October compared to the same month in 2013, according to an analysis by the Regional Water Authority (RWA), which represents water providers in Sacramento, Placer, El Dorado, Yolo and Sutter counties. The findings come from a review of October water use data submitted to RWA and the State Water Resources Control Board (State Water Board).

In October, the region used 30 percent less water compared to 2013, a benchmark year identified by the State Water Resources Control Board. Year to date, the region has saved nearly 24 percent.

The savings is part of a long-term decline in the region’s water use that began nearly two decades ago and has been urged on by drought, according to RWA Water Efficiency Program Manager Amy Talbot.

“The Sacramento region has significantly reduced its water use in the past decade—both on a regional and per capita basis—despite an increase in population,” Talbot said. “During the drought emergency, we saw greater reductions to reach the high savings targets set by the state. Now, I’m pleased to see the region continue to reduce water use by focusing on long-term savings.”

Weather also contributed to the considerable savings last month, Talbot said, noting that Northern California received significantly more rain than normal in October, prompting residents to turn off their sprinklers.

“As the rainy season begins, we ask people to keep up the great work,” Talbot said. RWA and local water providers offer the following tips:

Outside Your Home

Give Your Sprinklers a Holiday: Your yard shouldn’t need any supplemental water this winter, so turn off your sprinklers and let Mother Nature do the watering for you. And if you’re looking for a great gift for the holiday season, consider purchasing a WaterSense-labeled weather-based sprinkler controller or rain sensor for your sprinkler system. They’ll make sure your sprinklers never run when it rains.

Inside Your Home

  • Scrape the dishes into the trash instead of using the sink’s garbage disposal.
  • Save water and energy by letting frozen food thaw in the microwave or overnight in the fridge, instead of running water over it.
  • Run your clothes washer or dishwasher only when full. And if you’re in the market for new appliances look for the WaterSense label.
  • Wash fruit and vegetables in a small pan instead of rinsing under running water.
  • Run your dishwasher on the “light wash” setting, which can cut water use by 55 percent and work just as well for most loads.
  • Dishwashers typically use less water than washing dishes by hand. But, if you’re hand washing, fill one basin with soapy water and the other with rinse water rather than letting the faucet run.

Additional water-wise tips, plus information about rebates and free services to help residents and businesses use less water, are available at

About the Regional Water Authority: RWA is a joint powers authority representing two dozen water providers and affiliates in the greater Sacramento area. Its primary mission is to help its members protect and enhance the reliability, availability, affordability and quality of water resources. RWA was awarded the national 2016 WaterSense® Excellence in Education and Outreach Award for its outstanding efforts to educate Sacramento-area residents about water efficiency and the WaterSense brand.