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Sacramento Region’s Water Supplies Improve but Overcoming Drought Remains a Challenge

By March 1, 2016June 6th, 2016News, News & Info

SACRAMENTO–Amy Talbot, Water Efficiency Program Manager for the Regional Water Authority (RWA), released the following statement in response to snow survey results announced today by the California Department of Water Resources.

“The Sacramento region’s water supplies are in better shape now than in previous years. January’s storms improved conditions, and it has been encouraging to see water levels rise at Folsom Reservoir.

“However, in February the region experienced hotter and drier weather than normal for this time of year. And Folsom so far is the only major reservoir to hit normal; the state’s other reservoirs are still below normal for this time of year. Moreover, the amount of water held in Folsom does not directly reflect the amount of water accessible to the Sacramento region, since the reservoir must serve many purposes beyond water supply to include flood control, power generation, statewide water supply and environmental needs.

“Let’s all continue to hope for more snow in March and April and that conditions improve. In the meantime, water providers are asking residents to continue doing their part to conserve water by taking the following actions:

Keep sprinklers off: With winter’s shorter and rainy days, your landscape typically doesn’t need any extra water. If the weather continues to stay dry for several weeks in a row, check soil moisture and then hand water, if needed.
Check plumbing and appliances for leaks and fix them within 48 hours.Steady faucet drips and running toilets are common sources of leaks that can waste thousands of gallons of water each month. Fixing them can be as simple as replacing a washer or toilet flapper. When you find leaks, be sure to turn off water to the problem area until it can be repaired.

“Learn more water-saving tips, plus information about rebates and free services available to help residents use less water at”

About the Regional Water Authority:RWA is a joint powers authority representing two dozen water providers and affiliates in the greater Sacramento area. Its primary mission is to help its members protect and enhance the reliability, availability, affordability and quality of water resources.