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American River Basin Integrated Water Management Plan

Welcome. RWA adopted the ARB IRWMP – 2013 Update in July 2013.

For questions on the ARB IRWMP, contact Trevor Joseph. The plan is available for download here.

Section Titlepdf
IRWMP OverviewDownload
Front Cover and Table of ContentsDownload
Section 1 - IntroductionDownload
Section 2 - Region DescriptionDownload
Section 3 - Planning Coordination and IntegrationDownload
Section 4 - IRWMP GovernanceDownload
Section 5 - IRWMP FrameworkDownload
Section 6 - IRWMP ImplementationDownload
Section 7 - ReferencesDownload
A. Public Notices and ResolutionsDownload
B. Habitats and SpeciesDownload
C. Climate Change Vulnerabilities and Water Agency Mitigation, and Adaption ActionsDownload
D. Quantitative Climate Change AnalysisDownload
E. Disadvantaged Community and Environmental Justice Outreach ReportDownload
F. Local Water Planning Documents and Efforts Download
Back CoverDownload

Adopt the ARB IRWMP – 2013 Update
RWA encourages all stakeholders in the ARB Region to consider adoption of the ARB IRWMP. Although adoption is not required to participate in the planning process, it is considered an eligibility criteria to receive state IRWM grant funding. A sample resolution can be found here. For questions on adopting the ARB IMRWP, contact Trevor Joseph.

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