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Financing Sustainable Water Workshop

Building Better Efficiency-Oriented Rates in an Uncertain World
Hosted by the Regional Water Authority and Alliance for Water Efficiency



  • Agenda
  • Resources for Water Managers
  • AWE Sales Forecasting and Rate Model, an innovative, free and user-friendly tool that can help managers explicitly model rate structures and effects on revenue and water use. This model addresses the shortcomings of typical models – which assume that future sales are known and do not respond to factors such as weather, price and the economy – and helps answer questions such as:
    • What block rate design could allow us to preserve our current level of revenue while reducing demand?
    • What proportion of customer bills in each class will increase under new proposed rates?
    • How should we adjust rates to support demand management objectives during water shortages?
    • What is the likelihood we will meet one-year, three-year, five-year revenue targets?
    • Download the model at

Contact Information

If you have any questions about the workshop contact Amy Talbot.